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King Size

Ladrillo Decorativo


Rustic and Traditional

King Size

6.67 x 6.30 x 24.40 cm


7.60 x 7 x 25.40 cm

Queen Size

6.80 x 7 x 19.50 cm

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1. The brick does not need to be previously saturated with water since its moisture absorption is minimal compared to any traditional brick.

2. Special tools are not required for proper installation. Traditional masonry tools are sufficient.

3. As with any wall system, we recommend the use of a level, plumb line and masonry line to properly align and plumb the product. Ladrillo Decorativo can be used to line existing walls or build walls.

4. To lay the brick, use a 1:5 cement-sand mortar radio. If you wish, you can use "staples" to anchor it to the wall that you intend to cover.

5. Make cuts and slots with electric diamond polishers for clean, precise and waste-free cuts.

6. For lighter nozzles or to reduce alkalis and thus avoid saltpeter, we recommend the use of “masonry cement” in a 1:5 ratio.

7. Get excellent strength when installing the product with mortar, allowing the mortar to enter the holes in the product.

8. To clean your finished wall, clean with a dry broom and wire brush taking care not to damage the brick, or with a solution diluted in water: 10:1 muriatic acid. Brush and allow it to dry. Rinse with water after cleaning.

9. To drill, we recommend the use of a rotary hammer with drill bit for concrete and anchor.


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